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Advertising | KyeyoRadio.com


Kyeyo Radio does not allow, gambling, erotic, any type of nudity or gambling related adverts or promotions on our platform. We reserve the right to refuse such bookings or remove such adverts  from this website without prior notification.

Why advertise with Kyeyo Radio?

In this economy, Kyeyo Radio provides an amazingly cost-effective way to reach your customers.  Since 2005, Kyeyo Radio has been on the internet.  In that time, the knowledge, experience and understanding demographics of the world wide web has become second nature.  We are a serious online media that is well known.

Kyeyo Radio delivers internet marketing solutions that also integrates social media. Blending elements of radio, streaming audio/video, Mobile Apps and Platforms, which makes it easy for individuals and business to publish, consume, and share content from all directions and platform avenues.

“No matter where you go in THIS WORLD… Kyeyo Radio is already there. For people who travel a great deal, Kyeyo Radio is already where you are going… and in some cases can hit the road with you. You don’t have to search for local stations, Kyeyo Radio has your ear covered. You can get this high quality streaming music programming with just a click of your mouse at home and pipe it through your stereo. Through a series of mobile players like TuenIn, , Kyeyo Radio is also available on iPhones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phones and other PDAs.”

Build a bridge to your customers by advertising with Kyeyo Radio.

How do people know to come to your business for your specific service?
Have you sent EVERYONE who may need you a personal invitation to come to your business?

How do they know your business exists?
If you don’t ask people to come to your website, why should they buy from you?
With radio advertising you have an opportunity to talk people and be personable with your information and invitation. You can talk directly to them and appeal to their needs.

Kyeyo Radio is playing in thousands of homes, on PCs and laptops, and through our own mobile applications  or a series of popular mobile phone radio players like TuneIn, Kyeyo Radios are streaming 24/7 to iPhones, Blackberrys and PDAs all over the globe.

Internet radio advertising is not just a case of jumping in and hoping for the best – there are some simple techniques that must be given some consideration to make your business stand out from all the rest:

For immediate banner/flier placement, which consist of rotating Banner, eBlasts, Social placements, and audio commercials, we have several different ad rate packages that covers a wide range where you should no doubt be able to suit your needs.


Bronze Advertiser

Note: This package is for  radio commercials only.

This Package comes with 3 options

  • 6 Month block (Bronze Six) -€180  pay only £160
  • 3 Months (Bronze Three) – €90  pay only £80
  • 1 Month (Bronze One) – €30

Banner placement on Kyeyo Radio website (728×90 or 300×250 pxl), which link to either a full sized page detailing the business or event in full.

Promotion through our social network  i.e, facebook,twitter and +Google

Select advertising option:
Select Banner Sizes
Your Email Address
Phone: (Inc country code)



Silver Advertiser

Note: This package is for advertising on the website only

Radio advertising is easy and cost effective as we take your message and bring it directly to the ears of thousands.

This Package comes with 3 options

  • 6 Month (Silver Six) €420 pay only €350
  • 3 Months (Silver Three)€210 pay only €190
  • 1 Month (Silver One)€70 pay only €60

30 – 60 Second audio commercial, which will run in daily rotation on  Kyeyo Radio or Kyeyo Radio Gospel 24 hour online radio stations, as well as embedded into YouTube and other video formats.

Kyeyo Radio is playing in thousands of homes, on PCs and laptops. Through our own mobile applications  and a series of popular mobile phone radio players like TuneIn, Kyeyo Radios are streaming 24/7 to iPhones, Blackberry and PDAs all over the globe.

Who is supposed to produce/provide my 30-60 second advert?

Advertisers can supply their own 30 – 60 second radio advert or you can have  have one produced by our Kyeyo Radio professionals for a €60 production fee. The fee applies to each unique spot created  and is paid directly to Kyeyo Radio.

You can book your radio advert production, website banner, business logo or business website designing services from the “Optional Available Services” section at the bottom of this page. or write to: info@gwmmedia.com

Advertising option:
Commercial duration
Your Email Address
Phone: (Inc country code)



Gold Advertiser

Note: This package combines radio commercials and website banner advertisement.

This package is a combination of both Silver and Bronze packages ( Radio and website advertising); giving maximum exposure to your business or event.

It also comes with 3 options

  • 6 Month block (Gold Six) –£600 only pay £450
  • 3 Months  (Gold Three) – £300 only pay £250
  • 1 Month  (Gold One – £100 only pay £80
Advertising option:
Commercial duration
Banner Size
Your Email Address
Phone: (Inc country code)



Benefits of Sponsorship
Sponsorship is a smart, effective use of marketing, promotion, or public relations pounds for long-term positioning and top-of-mind awareness. You’ll reach desirable demographics, heighten public awareness, and help cultivate a positive image through your association with Kyeyo Radio’s well-regarded broadcasting.

Click here for Sponsorship Opportunities

Optional Available Services

Advertising option:
Commercial duration
Banner Size
Your Email Address
Phone: (Inc country code)

Don’t have a banner?

For a small fee, our graphics designing team at GWMMedia.com can create website banners for your business in several sizes and formats for you to use on KyeyoRadio.co.uk or different website:

300 x 250 Banner
300 x 50 Mobile advert board
468 x 60 Banner
728 x 90 Advert board
800 x 90 Advert Board
250 x 250 Square
200 x 200 Small square
336 x 280 Large rectangle
300 x 250 Inline rectangle
120 x 600 Skyscraper
160 x 600 Wide skyscraper

Create eye-catching images that open new doors to business and varied sales opportunities and can also increase awareness of your products and services. GWM Media have experienced graphic designers with great web and television experience, the combination of their work makes your banner vibrant and attractive. They can also create a promotional banner that appeals to your target market, communicates your message effectively, complements your corporate brand, and encourages web users to visit your website and invest in your products and services.

Don’t have a banner and not interested in buying one?

You can still purchase a banner image Advert package and instead of an image, you can use the same space with text. We also accept HTML.


The website designing service prices offered on this page do not include  domain name and hosting registration fees.  All  our website designing services include a FREE 2 months update and maintenance support service.  After the free period, support will be charged  from €20 p/month.

For more information or to request a specific design quotation, please write to info@gwmmedia.com