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Mobile Apps | KyeyoRadio.com

Mobile Apps

With the FREE Kyeyo Radio mobile apps, you can easily browse popular christian radios. Or discover treasures in some of the filtered christian podcasts, news, TV programmes and music videos.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

The KR Gospel mobile app includes a directory of some of the top christian online radio stations, Get it now direct from your iPhone in the Apple App Store!   Install from the App Store.   Download instructions »

Android Phones and Tablets

Kyeyo Radio listeners can now enjoy all the benefits of listening on their Android smartphones* and tablets.
 Install from the Android Market

Easy Install (recommended): from your phone, click the Android Market icon, search KR Gospel and install it. This will keep you in the loop when updates are available.(Advanced install, requires Android OS 2.1 or higher: Latest version 2.3.022  or  Previous version 2.1.007 )*Not all Android devices and OS versions are created equal. If you have no sound from the KR Gospel app, please try going into More, then Listen Settings, then Streaming Mode, and selecting “other.” This will buffer slower but fixes the playback on some devices. Please also report this problem to our CS dept for assistance.EVO USERS: Sprint has had issues in the past where their firmware updates breaking streaming services including KR Gospel, YouTube, and others. If you have firmware version 3.70, please update your Sprint firmware to fix the issue.