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Useful information | KyeyoRadio.com

Useful information

Useful information

So you’ve got some questions about online creative? This area should answer everything.

If it doesn’t, simply email or call us (details on the right hand side)…

Online Ad Specifications


  • General guidelines
  • Click through behaviour
  • Ad sizes available
  • Ad format variants


General guidelines

Ad creative
We reserve the right to refuse ad creative that includes the following:

  • Rapidly flashing ad banners, since they can cause discomfort for other users.
  • Ads that mimic error messages, our content, or any use of our name.
  • Flash ads must have a maximum 25 frames per second, to ensure they do not slow down other applications on the user’s computer. more info.
  • Rich media creatives must be tested for a minimum of 24 hrs before they run on our site to avoid any conflicts with our media content.

Audio in ads

  • All audio must be user-initiated. For most audio, a user click should be used to start audio, though there may be times where mouse-over audio effects are acceptable.
  • All ads must have clearly visible ‘stop’ or ‘mute’ buttons.

Video in ads

  • Audio guidelines above apply.
  • Video should be supplied in the form of .mpg/.mpeg or .avi. If you need to supply a format not listed here please check with your sales representative.
  • If you wish to supply .flv it should be…
    • A maximum width of 300px.
    • Encoded as Flash 8 high quality (using On2 VP6 codec).
    • 128kbps stereo audio (mp3).

Click through behaviour

    • All ads must open in a new window. (We’ll normally do this for you for non-Flash ads).
    • For Flash ads, please open as _blank.
  • For Flash ads, a clickTAG command must be used in lieu of a direct link in the Flash file. Please note that this clickTAG is case sensitive!

Ad sizes available

Leaderboard banner
Size: 728×90.
File size (GIF/JPG): 20K max.
File size (Flash): 40K max.
File size (HTML): 2K max, plus image size.
Displayed on: most pages, excepting microsites.

Size: 300×250.
File size (GIF/JPG): 20K max.
File size (Flash): 40K max.
Displayed on: All pages, and our players.

Radio Player Pre-Roll Video Ad
Size: 16:9 Widescreen (400px max width).
File size (Flash): 30K max (video must load independently of the swf).
Displayed on: Radio Player pre-roll.
Maximum video length: 00:30 secs.

Media Player Pre-Roll Video Ad
Size: 16:9 Widescreen (624px max width).
File size (Flash): 30K max (video must load independently of the swf).
Displayed on: Media Player pre-roll.
Maximum video length: 00:30 secs.

Size: 948px width, max height of 250px (a 4px keyline may be added to the bottom of the creative).
File size (GIF/JPG): 20K max (any video must load independently of the swf).
File size (Flash): 40K max.
Displayed on: Homepage below nav, above main content.
Other specifications: No looping, and clear close/minimise button.

Ad variants

Flash ads
Ads must be compatible with Flash 6.
A backup GIF file must be provided.
Click URLs must be provided, and a clickTAG used in the Flash file (this is case sensitive).

Expandable ads and Page Peels
Should activate and deactivate on mouse-over or click.
A ‘Quit’ method must be clearly visible.
Deactivation should be the same method as activation.
Leaderboards can expand down to a maximum of 728×350.
MPUs can expand left and down to a maximum of 728×350.
MPUs cannot expand on the players or quiz pages.

Overlays must comply with all of the above general Flash guidelines.
Overlays cannot run on the homepage, players or quiz pages.


  • 360×520 in size
  • Maximum files size: 100k
  • Flash/HTML 5 Creative must be:
    • Supplied with a backup gif
    • A Maxiumum 25 frames per second
    • Click tags must open in a new browser window
    • Tracking URLs can be used
  • Creative must not expand outside the 360×520 window
  • Unit must contain no sound
  • Border not required
  • The creative must include a 360×80 pixel safe area for a countdown display timer and close button overlay
  • Any video or animation must not run for longer than the audio spot.