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Kyeyo World Website Relaunched for 2015 | KyeyoRadio.com

Welcome to Our World – KyeyoWorld.com

2015 started with great expectations and higher targets for most media businesses; as the race for cutting edge media technology continues!

At Kyeyo World and Kyeyo Radio, we are also working much harder this year in order to remain up-to-date with advanced media technologies as they rapidly evolve.  We want to offer all our new visitors and existing users a high standard of service and a user friendly environment, while still adhering to our core purpose of providing a platform for all Africans abroad that are often not represented by mainstream media.

The Great News!

We have revamped KyeyoWorld.com website to make it more relevant to the African Diaspora Communities around the world.  Our freshly redesigned website now offers a feature-packed, FREE ACCESS online business and services directory. We want to focus on promoting and networking all types of businesses and services within the African Diaspora.

Some of our key directory listings features include:

  • The ability for visiting users to contact a business or service provider directly from our web site using email forms that go directly to the service provider.
  • All our listings can be directly edited by the registered user at any time and this gives the public access to the most up to date information on each of our listings.
  • Multilingual listings – Your listings will automatically be available in multiple languages: English, Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Somali,Spanish, Germany, French, Dutch, Russian and Arabic
  • Great listing options
  • Google map on profiles pages
  • Ability to submit your listing to multiple categories, and locations.
  • Add show reel video or samples to your listing and more.
  • Link to your social network profiles.
  • Show starting price and special offers on your listing profile page.
  • Advances search and filers for listings
  • Upgrade listings without reposting
  • Claim and manage already posted listings
  • Send to friend, Send inquiry and bookmarker buttons listing
  • Post listing reviews
  • Personal listings dashboard for total control of your listings
  • Our professional Spanish/English team ready to give your business support all the way
  • For more information about our services, sponsorship or business opportunities please use our contact form to get in touch.

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