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Presenters | KyeyoRadio.com



George William Kiberu

Host:  Kyeyo In Focus – (English & Luganda) LIVE

Kyeyo In Focus is the Kyeyo Radio’s flagship programme. It’s a music, talk show and interview production that features different guests from within the Diaspora. It explores in-depth knowledge and highlights hardships, hindrances and problems faced by the East African Diaspora Community, through testimonies and experiences from those that have overcome them over the years. Through occasionally invited professionals and specialists, Kyeyo In Focus offers valuable solutions, hot tips and techniques for survival with in the Diaspora.  info@kyeyoradio.com


Patrick Katumba

Host: Kilimuttu (The Suprise) – in Lunganda

(Muzukulu wa Mugema Kats)
“Kirimuttu” is an informative Luganda and English weekly radio program presented by all round knowledgeable “Muzukulu wa Mugema Kats” Katumba Patrick Mugenyi every Sunday 19:00 UK time or 20:00 Netherlands time, right all the way in Amsterdam.
Join “Muzukulu wa Mugema Kats” every Sunday as he analyzes variety of topics, which are mainly Educational, Cultural, Current Affairs, Sharing views with professionals, Interactional and so many others as the environment will prevail time to time.
You too feel free to send your topics to the presenter, to be considered on this grogram through info@kyeyoradio.com