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Pastor Godfrey Mukasa breaks his silence! | KyeyoRadio.com

After a long silence, Pastor Godfrey Mukasa makes a come back! …with his famous radio prayer programme “Tuli Bawanguzi Nokukilawo” coming back to Kyeyo Radio and Kyeyo Radio Gospel soon.
The one hour long radio programme features special words of wisdom, encouragement and concludes with a prayer specially dedicated to the African diaspora community “Workers with a purpose”

We fully understand that due to the complicated work shift demands of most workers in the diaspora community, many  sometime don’t have a chance to go to church or place of worship; even though they would want to. For that purpose, Kyeyo Radio Gospel is here to bridge that gap!! Simply tune in with your mobile phone or computer, together with Pastor Godfrey and many other ministers we will encourage you, praise, worship and pray with you wherever you are.

You will also have a chance to send in your prayer requests.  We know what you are going through because we have been there ourselves. Stay connected for the programme times soon to be advertised here.    Send your prayer requests to: godfreymukasa@kyeyoradio.com